For the high achieving woman who is done with the overthinking, overworking, and sneaky self-doubt that's making

it HARD to grow and scale your business.

It's Time to Rewire Your brain and

create the outcomes of your dreams!

Unlearn the beliefs, thoughts, and habits that keep you stuck in self-sabotage and doubt.

YOU can create the

soul-aligned business and
extraordinary life you truly desire.

The Bad News

You want to grow your business, right?

The chaos and panic that you constantly feel, will not be fixed with the perfect FB ad or shiny new sales funnel. You're looking outside yourself...

The Good News

This is all about YOU and your brain.

The good news is you are powerful; you've created your current business and life. That frantic BS in your gut does not have to stay.

just imagine

Taking a day for Y-O-U. Feeling the sun on your face as you know nothing can go wrong. You start your morning off with your favorite latte. The peaceful tranquility of the first sip is only rivaled by the second, and then the third until you are ready to get dressed for the day ahead of you.

The day floats by with ease as you regularly check in with yourself. You find yourself making big decisions effortlessly and reaping the benefits of your fast action taking. Making yourself a priority is now a fun habit you have built into your day that often results in unbothered naps and relaxing trips to the park.

At night, you look back on your day with excitement, knowing that you were focused and productive. But of course, the consistent sales on your banking dashboard are the icing on the cake.

In other words

It's not a fantasy. You CAN have it all

Making decisions without constant overthinking. Check

Letting go of anxious feelings before they take over your day. Check

Making yourself a priority. Check

Trusting yourself. Check

Having the focus and energy to show up 100% and...

...close the deal. Check

...sign the client. Check

...scale your business. Check

Jo Ellis

I’ve increased my income and I’m making a greater impact.

I barely recognize myself from 11 months ago when I started working with Mindi. I was unsure of what I wanted to do in my business, and I was doing shitty jobs for small amounts of money.

Now I’m in a niche that I love. I’m launching an online course that will allow me to create passive income and help a ton of people. I know that my success is inevitable, and my vibes are almost always sky-high.

Mindi has taught me the power of showing up every day for myself and my audience. Since working with her, I’ve increased my income, and I’m making a greater impact on the world. But the biggest thing is that I feel amazing, and the effect of that feeling is being able to create more and more.

Lauren Komorowski

Get Spotted Social

Mindi helped me unlock this magic.

Since I met Mindi and started working with her 8 months ago, I’ve made more progress than 9 years of monthly talk therapy. I am so impressed with the way she understands my struggles and mindset, She helps me arrive at the healthy thoughts that will benefit me, and she helps me set goals I am CRUSHING!

Courtney Andersen

Sober Vibes

Working with Mindi these last 10 months has tripled my income

I've been working with Mindi since January 2020 and I can honestly say I have not let the 2020 year bring me down BECAUSE I have had Mindi in my corner. Working with Mindi these last 10 months has tripled my income in my business while I was able to cut down on shifts at my day job by half. My own fear and BS were holding me back for so long and she has completely transformed me into a better human and business woman. I've had my ups and downs but her help each month has helped me see the bigger picture. She has kept me accountable, worked through fears, helped me protect my energy, and has continued to help me break through my own BS beliefs that I have had for years. Ones where I'm shook for a few days after because I can't even believe how she got me to the point of seeing it. She is a real one!!

Increased Income, Free Time, and Impact!

Get ready to unlock your magic so that you can get over the fears and BS holding you back in life and business.

video proof
Add some video testimonials if you have them. They are really powerful.

How do I know this will work for me?

How do you know it won't? I just started coaching you ♥

This program is about redefining your beliefs, creating new habits - like ones that support your success (aka your ability to Unlock Your Magic) and confidence and embracing a new identity - the one where you are the woman who creates the extraordinary business and life you were made for.

What happens in each session?

Every session is crafted especially for you - in the first session, we will get clear on what you do want and what you don't want, and make a detailed plan on how to achieve those dreams.

What's your guarantee?

If, after the first session we are not a good fit and agree working together is not aligned, you receive a refund. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy