Essential Energy Meditations for Entrepreneurs

Did you know,

the HABIT of daily meditation creates the mindset for SUCCESS?

You GET TO start thinking greater thoughts, NOW.

I help women like YOU, women who want more, to create massive change.

Everything starts in our thoughts.

You're ready to let go of the habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are keeping you overthinking and overwhelmed, aren't you?

It's time to create the soul aligned business you've dreamed of.


Here's a 4 part meditation series just for YOU.


Grab my 4 part meditation series for only $47!

  • AM Success - Start your day intentionally, 100% commited
  • PM Success - End your day in purposeful gratitude
  • Stress Relief - Reset, refocus and recharge


Brain Priming Audio

Boost your confidence any time and any where with this affirmation meditation

"New mindset, who dis?!"

"I’ve been listening to it once a day because I know there’s no way I can make it to the next level in my life and business if I keep my old beliefs about myself and what I’m capable of. With Mindi’s meditation series it’s virtually effortless to put myself in the right mindset for living my purpose and creating new offerings that will increase my income and make a greater impact on the world."

Jo Ellis -

Make these a part of your daily routine, rewire your brain to unlock your magic and make your success inevitable.


Starting your day with an easy and effortless meditation. Intentionally checking in with your body. Setting your thoughts on gratitude and success to literally program your inner GPS for the day.

Taking a few deep breaths and focusing on who you want to be...powerful, amazing, you.

Ending your day in appreciation and rest. Intentionally breathing in and out to relax and release the day. Visualize yourself letting go of the thoughts that overwhelm you. Peace and power are always at your fingertips.

Stress is trying to make you feel out of control, stuck and like a failure. You practice guided breathing and meditation, in and out. You calm yourself, take your control back and rest in the feeling of contentment.

Start today and Unlock Your Magic - use these FOUR guided meditations to create the change you deserve!

Hi! I'm Mindi, Mindset Mastery Coach for 6 and 7 figure women in business who are ready to take it to the next level and create massive change.

I know you, you're the the woman who wants MORE.

My clients were a lot like you when they first started working with me. Now they show up for themselves in ways they never have before, and they love it!

They have more energy, they are more productive, and they have tons more focus.

That’s because Mindset Mastery coaching is my own “Unlock Your Magic” formula – Using NLP to rewire your brain for success and hypnosis to create feelings to free you from the habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are keeping you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and drowning in self-sabotage.

"You helped me unlock this magic..."

After a guided meditation with you, I feel that every molecule in my body has been realigned to work toward my purpose. I am crushing my action lists, working toward my outcomes, and I’m seeing my business come into fruition before my eyes. I am so proud of myself, and the amazing thing is: you helped me unlock this magic that I already had in me!

Lauren Komorowski | Founder - Get Spotted Social

Make these meditations part of your daily routine, rewire your brain to unlock your magic and make your success inevitable for only $47